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1. Who sets the Personal Property tax rate?
2. How is my automobile or truck appraised for tax purposes?
3. Why am I being taxed on a vehicle that I did not own on January 1st?
4. What is the assessment cycle for businesses and mobile homes?
5. What should I do when I purchase or no longer own an automobile, motorcycle, truck, boat trailer, utility trailer, camper trailer, or manufactured single wide?
6. What should I do when I no longer own a boat?
7. What should I do when I purchase a boat?
8. Does turning my tags in to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) dispose of my vehicle?
9. Does Mecklenburg County prorate taxes?
10. Do I need to notify the Commissioner of the Revenue when I start a business?
11. When do I report Business Personal Property and Merchants Capital (inventory) amounts?
12. What do I report for Business Personal Property?
13. When do I report machinery / tools amounts?
14. What do I report for machinery / tools?
15. What are the current depreciation factors and tax rates?
16. If I move out of Mecklenburg County to another locality within Virginia, what must I do?
17. What do I need to do if I buy or sell a vehicle out of state?
18. What do I need to do if my address changes?
19. How do I or my agent register to participate as a transient occupancy provider?
20. When do I report transient occupancy receipt amounts?