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Mecklenburg County Decennial Districting --- 2020s

The Mecklenburg Board of Supervisors want to hear from you! Initial Public Comment will be held at the May 9, 2022 Board Meeting

The Constitution of Virginia requires that every ten years, local governments “reapportion the representation in the governing body among the districts in a manner provided by law” (Article VII, Section 5). The ten-year threshold corresponds with the conclusion of the Census conducted by the United States Census Bureau every decade. Due to the delays in completion of the 2020 Census, redistricting for the 2020s has occurred later than in recent prior decades. In the case of Mecklenburg, this did not harm any election, since no county-wide district offices are up until 2023. 

At the Board’s April 11, 2022 meeting, a set of four options was presented for the entire County. These four options are designed to be guideposts. After public comment and feedback, one unified draft map will be drawn and put forth for consideration this summer. The draft map may be one of the four options presented in April, it may contain pieces from the different options, it may contain one option with adjustments made due to public comment, or it may be substantially altered based on public commentary. Therefore, your opinion is welcomed and desired! Please send written comments on the draft maps or redistricting below. 

View the maps:

To view the maps, please click redistricting options in the top toolbar, and select a layer. 

 When you click on a layer, the map will color on the screen. You can also type in addresses to see what district the address will fall into among the proposed options. 


For more information on the districts and the process:

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