Emergency Services

Mecklenburg County Emergency Services serves as liaison between the volunteer fire departments, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies and Mecklenburg County. The day-to-day operations of fire and EMS are handled by the (8) volunteer fire departments and (4) EMS agencies. Between the Mecklenburg County Emergency Communications Center and Mecklenburg County Emergency Services, the county provides the highest quality of care possible to our citizens. 

The Emergency Services Coordinator assists any requesting emergency services agency at emergency scenes and serves as the County’s Hazardous Materials Officer.

The Department of Emergency Services is responsible for the County’s Emergency Management program.  The Emergency Management (EM) program is dedicated to the safety of residents and visitors of Mecklenburg County during disasters, whether natural or man-made. The EM program provides planning, preparedness, and coordination of the County’s response during all forms of emergencies that may arise. The Emergency Management Division works closely with other departments within Mecklenburg County, as well as state and federal agencies, non-governmental partners, local businesses, and the public. 

Emergency Management focuses on 4 key disaster roles: 



    Response Recovery


The County Administrator serves as the Director of Emergency Management. The County’s Emergency Services Coordinator Serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator.

The Emergency Management Coordinator's main duty is to access the necessary state resources and coordinate those resources required to mitigate a major emergency. The Coordinator, in conjunction with the Department of Social Services, also opens emergency shelter(s) for residents when circumstances from a major emergency indicate a need. 

Emergency Services Coordinator works with the Mecklenburg County Emergency Communication Center in alerting citizens of weather disasters, missing persons, and other important emergencies throughout the county. This is accomplished through ALERT MECKLENBURG.

Alert Mecklenburg

The Emergency Services Coordinator has the ability to send out weather alerts and other important information through Alert Mecklenburg. To learn more or sign up click on the Alert Mecklenburg above or call Stacey Allen at 434-738-6191 ext. 4219 and she will sign you up over the phone. 

The County encourages all residents to prepare for emergencies by developing a plan for their own household. Excellent tips can be obtained by accessing Ready Virginia on the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website.

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