County Landfill and Convenience Centers

Closed Facility

The Mecklenburg County Landfill is a closed facility. All debris, garbage, construction materials, is disposed of at the Southside Regional Public Service Authority's Regional Landfill (Butchers Creek Landfill) located at 4803 Highway 92, Chase City, VA. For more information, visit the Regional Landfill page.

Mecklenburg County Landfill

The Mecklenburg County Landfill is responsible for the collection of household waste and recyclable materials from the public green box areas and Convenience Centers located throughout the County. The green box collection areas are designated only for household waste. The Convenience Centers consist of an area with dumpsters/roll-offs to collect items brought to the site by County Residents only. The centers are staffed by an Attendant to help direct you. The dumpsters/roll-offs are designated to collect separately; household waste materials, aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard, appliances, furniture, metal and brush. There is no liquid allowed at any of the locations.

Mecklenburg County Landfill personnel transport the household waste materials to the Southside Regional Landfill for disposal on a regular basis. The recyclable materials are transported off-site to a recycling facility. The public refuse drop-off areas are for Mecklenburg County residents only.

Convenience Centers

Mecklenburg County currently has multiple staffed, fully operational Convenience Centers with plans to develop more through-out the County in the near future. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 6:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. in winter) and Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

  • Jonbil Convenience Center
    394 Jonbil Road
    Chase City, VA 23924
  • Wayside Convenience Center
    11690 Highway One
    South Hill, VA 23970
  • Pen Road Convenience Center

    77 Pen Road

    Buffalo Junction, VA 24529

  • The Trading Post Convenience Center

    1200 Rock Church Road

    Clarksville, VA 23927

    (This site is closed on Tuesday and Thursdays)


garbage truck 3Household garbage only allowed in green boxes. Please use this as a guide for all of your other disposal needs:

  • Appliances - Convenience Center or Regional Landfill
  • Mattress/Bedding - Convenience Center or Regional Landfill
  • Brush - Convenience Center or Regional Landfill 
  • Building Materials - Regional Landfill
  • Carpet - Regional Landfill
  • Furniture - Convenience Center or Regional Landfill
  • Liquids - Not accepted 
  • Metals - Convenience Center or Regional Landfill 
  • Stumps - Convenience Center or Regional Landfill 
  • Tires - Regional Landfill

Failure to dispose of items at the proper location is illegal pursuant to Mecklenburg County Virginia Code Section 58-61. Violators will be prosecuted. Report violations to Mecklenburg County at 434-738-6191.

The Mecklenburg County Landfill is committed to keeping our sites clean and serving the public to the best of our ability.