Public Recycling Drop-off Areas

BoydtonBehind the Post OfficeNewspaper, cardboard and aluminum
Chase CityAdjacent to Advanced Auto Parts storeNewspaper, cardboard and aluminum
ClarksvilleRobins ParkNewspaper and aluminum
ClarksvilleSeas SystemsCardboard
La CrosseAdjacent to Grants Salvage YardNewspaper and aluminum
Mecklenburg County Landfill518 Landfill Road (Highway 678)
Baskerville VA 23924
Newspaper, aluminum, cardboard and used motor oil
South HillFood Lion on W Atlantic (Highway 47)Newspaper, cardboard, aluminum
Regional Landfill
4803 Highway 93
Chase City, VA 23924
Metal and household appliances, non-split tires (you are responsible for the tipping fee and disposal fee for recycled tires)

Several businesses are also participating in recycling with our bins at their location.