The Zoning Administrator's Office is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that structures are built within the required property setbacks
  • Working with the Planning Commission on land development and changes
  • Working with the Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Oversees the State of Virginia erosion and sediment control laws on all single family homes and commercial sites within the County as well as the Towns of Boydton, Chase City, Clarksville, and La Crosse

All single family home sites require an agreement in lieu of a plan and all commercial sites require an approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plan before construction begins.

Also, if the land disturbing activity is more then 10,000 square feet you will be required to obtain a storm water management permit with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and their office may be reached at 434-265-0576.

County Zoning Areas

The County of Mecklenburg is zoned as:

  • Agriculture
  • Business B-1
  • Industrial M-1
  • Residential R-1
  • Residential R-1A
  • Residential R-2
  • Residential R-2A

The required setbacks are different in each of the County's zoning areas.

Zoning Permits

A Zoning permit shall be required before any structures are erected on your property. This shall include farm structures, open carports, pre-fabricated buildings, additions and swimming pools. In approved zoning areas for campers, well and septic must be installed prior to obtaining permits. A zoning permit must be obtained prior to the construction or placement of accessory buildings on the property and for a new dwelling. The zoning application fee is $30.00. 

Information required for obtaining a zoning permit for a new home or replacing a home is as follows:

  1. Approval from the Health Department for well and septic
  2. Width and length of the structure
  3. Distance from all property lines
  4. What will be constructed at all doors (decks, porches and etc.)
  5. Erosion and sediment agreement in lieu of a plan
  6. Contractor name and number

If you should have any question please call the Zoning Administrator's Office before construction begins.


Land Disturbance (Residential) - $50.00

Land Disturbance (Commercial) - $200.00 application fee, then $200 per month from start to completed date

Special Exception Application - $325.00

Variance Application - $325.00

Application to Amend - $325.00

Rezoning Application - $325.00

Comprehensive Plan Review - $325.00