Delinquent Taxes

A city street lined with cars, businesses and a banner reading A City for All SeasonsThe Treasurer is required to collect delinquent taxes per Code of Virginia §58.1-3919. The Mecklenburg County Treasurer's Office would prefer working with taxpayers to resolve delinquent tax issues. Should your taxes become delinquent, please call the Treasurer's Office and a payment plan can be put in place to avoid any further action. Absent a written payment plan, the Mecklenburg County Treasurer's Office will pursue collection of delinquent taxes through any means allowed by law. This could include:

  • Distress/Seizure Warrant
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Stops
  • Notices
  • Sale of Property
  • Tax Set-Off Debt Program
  • Treasurer's Liens
  • Wage Liens
  • Warrants in Debt
  • Withholding of vehicle decals

Any of the preceding actions may be used once taxes are delinquent. There are additional fees that will be charged should certain actions need to be taken. The Treasurer is permitted to sell property encumbered with real estate taxes that remain delinquent on December 31st following the second anniversary date on which such taxes became due.