Commissioner of Revenue

Responsibilities & Office Summary

The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for assessing Mecklenburg County's:

  • Real Estate
  • Tangible Personal Property
  • Business personal property
  • Machinery and tools
  • Merchants capital
  • Public service corporation
  • Transient occupancy sources

Please notify the Real Estate Office of any changes to your real property, such as cutting timber, removing buildings, etc.

Tax Related Services

The Commissioner's office also processes state income tax returns and provides assistance to the public during tax season. The staff of 3 are led by Violet Puryear with assistance from Stephanie Toone and Beth Smith. The Personal Property office is also responsible for tracking and communicating with the taxpayers all information related to the following that are located in Mecklenburg County:

  • Airplanes
  • Automobiles
  • Boats and related trailers
  • Business equipment
  • Camper trailers
  • Inventory
  • Private and commercial trucks
  • Single-wide Manufactured Homes

Disabled Veterans Exemption

If you are a 100% service connected disable veteran or the surviving spouse, you may qualify for an exemption on your real estate taxes on your primary residence. You may also qualify for personal property exemption on one vehicle. Please contact our office for more details.